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RIP Pete Seeger. Feel special to have had the chance to hear you perform live.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday and new year! 
What a wonderful man and unbelievably talented artist. I fell in love with not only his work but who he is as a person. He is one of a kind and will be sadly missed. RIP Saul Leiter. 
© Susan Falzone 2013Melissa Tooker, 29, of Brewster, N.Y., has suffered from chronic migraines her entire life. Earlier this year her migraines increased significantly, averaging 19 a month.  
“I’ve had migraines my whole life, and ever since I was old enough to deal with the insurance companies I’ve been fighting my need for particular things.” 
In 2009, Melissa applied to four health-insurance companies before finding one that would cover her migraines and not cost $1,500 a month. Later she found a job that covered her health insurance, but then she was laid off. While collecting unemployment and trying to rebuild her freelance photography business, Melissa has depleted her severance package to pay for her current Aetna Cobra policy, which costs $500 a month and expires at the end of the month. Melissa has also had difficulty getting insurance companies to pay for the medication that works for her. Typically she’s restricted to a certain amount of a certain brand. To get around this, Melissa has had to spend a few thousand dollars out of pocket over the past two years to receive the medication that works. Recently Melissa tried different medications before being approved for a Botox treatment for chronic migraines, which has significantly helped her and decreased her migraines to an average of six per month.
Melissa is currently looking into options from Healthy NY and the recently enacted health-care law and hopes she can attain affordable health insurance for the long-term. 
Melissa is currently working on a photo project on people suffering from migraines. To see her work and/or if you have interest in participating in her project, check out her blog here:

Honored to have my photo essay & interview on my work with Aunt Grace who suffers from Alzheimer’s on feature shoot.
Link to interview and photos:
© Susan Falzone 2013school days
© Susan Falzone 2013   school days
©Susan Falzone 2013
school days
© Susan Falzone 2013school days
Aunt Grace’s doll that she placed and primped every day on her bed. #auntgrace #grace #documentary #doll #old #aging # elderly #dementia
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